Knowledge beats nagging

The exam years can be daunting for both parent and child. 

They're busy becoming more independent, but they're not quite there yet...

They have unsupervised study periods at school, and jobs and relationships are starting to have more of an impact on their study time at home.  It's vital they learn to use their time effectively. 

Before you know it, they'll be applying to university, or for a degree apprenticeship, or their first job!

We'll support you (and them) through the whole process. 

Our membership is here to give YOU the support to help your child achieve their best. 

We’ve helped 1000s of parents since we started.

We’d love to help you too.

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If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

It doesn’t have to be this stressful. The stress comes from the uncertainty and the frustration – we’ll help you feel in control. 

You don’t have to do this alone. We have a supportive community of experts and of parents going through the same journey you are. 

You CAN make a difference. Not just to your child’s RESULTS, but also to their confidence, their independence, their general wellbeing, and their future. 

You can also strengthen your relationship with your child by facing this together, on the same team. Not nagging, but supporting.

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Denise & Amy – Members since Sept 2019

Introducing the Parent Guide to Post-16 Membership

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✔︎ Get expert support with all the scary things like UCAS applications, Personal Statements, referencing correctly, and university finance

✔︎ Beat the biggest challenges students face when starting Post-16 (like learning to manage their ‘free’ periods in school productively…) 

✔︎ Find out how to help them get (and stay) organised

✔︎ Get them working smarter, not harder, and using the most effective study techniques for them

You’ll know they’re fully prepared for whatever exams throw at them, and you’ll be completely on top of helping them plan for whatever they choose to do next…

… because KNOWLEDGE beats NAGGING. Every time.

(and if there’s anything you don’t know yet, we run two drop-in Q&A sessions in the private members-only Facebook group each month)

90% of parents don’t know how to support their child through the exam years. Be part of the 10% who do.

We’ll give you all the tools and all the advice you need, answer your questions, and hold your hand through the whole process whenever you need us.

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